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[SOLVED] TS Learning (20.1) crashes when zooming
21.04.2015 10:17

Hi Tekla/fellow TS students

Having had the TS learning for little over a week now, I experience rather frequent crashes when zooming in and out in a view, if the mouse cursor happens to go outside the current views "subwindow" and maybe into the next one while zooming with the middle mouse wheel.
I have 2-4 different views opened next to each other, and this seems to happen more or less everytime the cursor comes outside the view window.

I have uninstalled, downloaded again and reinstalled, restarted the computer etc with no change.

(uploaded image is a screen dump from one of the crashes, blue circle showing where the crosshair is, cursor was moved upwards while zooming in/out)

Any suggestions? Or is it a bug in the program? It's rather annoying to have TS crash on me frequently...

(Anyone else encountering this?)

Best regards

Built environment engineer student at Jönköping University, Sweden.

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TS Learning (20.1) crashes when zooming
Re: [SOLVED] TS Learning (20.1) crashes when zooming 22.04.2015 14:49

Hi Frans,
sorry to hear about this issue. I could not reproduce this case in Tekla Structures Learning 20.1 SR 2 with my models. Does this occur with a certain model or with multiple models? What does the error message say?

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More info about the crashes etc.
Re: TS Learning (20.1) crashes when zooming 23.04.2015 09:55


I tried it out even more now, and my thought that I was to fast when scrolling/zooming in and out to move around in the model (and thus confusing the program when the cursor went outside the view window) proved wrong. It turns out that I don't need to do much to get it to crash:
I tried starting TS up, choosing default environment (also failed with Swedish environment), and all disciplines. New model and it opens up with a 3D-view open, but that window is by default not filling the working area of TS. If I move the mouse cursor to either the grey working area (not over any view window) or even to the frame of the view window, and just scroll one "klick" on the middle mouse scroll, the program crashes. Not overloaded at all.
When zooming in/out inside the view window it runs smoothly, no problem at all. Could it be graphic card handling that is somehow of? I tried this on a classmates laptop, also running the same version - does not crash at all.

The error message just says that:
Tekla Structures has stopped working
A problem made the program stop working properly.
The program is closed and you will be notified if there
is any solution to the problem.
[Close program]
(No solution is presented by windows - surprice!)

I dubble check with another program, AECOsim Building Designer V8i (SELECTseries 5) from Bentley, on this same machine. I tried scrolling/zooming both slowly and rapidly either on there working area in between viewwindows and also on the frames of the view windows, and there was no problem at all!

I'll attach a screenshot with the about TS info-window open if there is anything that helps. The crash-shot is marked with blue in the different areas where I tried scrolling very slowly, and it always crashed directly on the first "click" of scrolling.

Display adapter on this workstation is "ATI Radeon HD 5670" if that helps anything. The fact that it works fine on my classmates machine makes it likely that it is a local problem, but the fact that it is only TS that is not working makes it strange.

Any clues?

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This is an unfortunate local
Re: More info about the crashes etc. 23.04.2015 12:41

This is an unfortunate local issue and may be related to the graphics driver. Could you update your graphics driver?

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Re: This is an unfortunate local 23.04.2015 15:01


I checked the graphic card driver before within the control panel of win 7, but got "the driver is up to date" kind of message. Now I tried again, this time directly going to AMD's site, and they had a driver that was 4 years younger..

Thanks, now I can continue learning TS :)

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Hi Frans, this is great to
Re: [SOLVED] 24.04.2015 14:01

Hi Frans, this is great to hear! :)

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