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Sloped Top of Concrete Panel or Wall
26.03.2014 22:22

New to Tekla, so what is the easiest way to slope the top of a concrete wall or panel?

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You can use command "cut part
Re: Sloped Top of Concrete Panel or Wall 27.03.2014 20:22

You can use command "cut part with line"!

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Sloped Wall
Re: You can use command "cut part 01.04.2014 19:34

Thanks. That worked. I was trying to cut the wall with a slab or fit the wall to a slab and was having trouble.
Here is situation I was trying to figure out how to model. Another problem I was have is Tekla seems to have a hard time finding the intersection snap of two elements. For example in the attached image I would like to snap to the intersection of the two slab as a start point for the wall but it won't find it. Thanks

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Best way to slope a wall
Re: Sloped Top of Concrete Panel or Wall 30.03.2014 22:32

Variable section from the profile catalog?

Or simply rotate the wall to give you the slope you need at the top, and cut the bottom with a line to make it horizontal.

Variable section has the advantage that if you resize the wall, the slope is kept. With cut lines, you'll need to check the cut lines every time you resize.

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Variable Profile
Re: Best way to slope a wall 01.04.2014 19:40

Thanks. So I guess to make that work you would need to flip the were the front is now the variable cross-section and the depth is now the thickness of the wall.

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Variable profile
Re: Variable Profile 01.04.2014 23:06

Here's something I tried which involved variable profiles. The sloped beams are 2 sections, a standard rectangular on the bottom and a variable on top. Might work similar in your case.

The top one is profile OBLVAR_A which is under Variable cross sections. What I did was set h1 to my start height (900mm), h2 to my end height (1800 mm), and b1 and b2 are both 150mm (the width of the beam). b1 and b2 being identical keeps the section rectangular while varying the height.

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Variable profile
Re: Variable profile 01.04.2014 23:08

Of course, I should have just used OBLVAR_A for the entire thing, instead of combining a rectangular beam and a variable one.

Hadn't noticed that until now :/

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Variable Profile
Re: Variable profile 02.04.2014 01:49

Thanks. I see it now. I had loaded the imperial environment and didn't see it in there. After switching back to the default environment I see it now. Thanks that helps.

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