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Reference Model Help
15.04.2014 15:48


I am creating a model using a foundation plan PDF but the dimensions are not correction on the reference model after insertion. The footer plan has a scale of 3/16" = 1' which should translate to 1:64. I used the 1:64 as the scale when inserting the model and now a wall dimension is out 1/8" of an inch using the measure tool on the reference model (eg: a wall is suppose to be 37'-9" is measuring 37' - 8 7/8" within the program). Has anyone ever encountered this issue before?

I appreciate any input or suggestions!


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ref. model help
Re: Reference Model Help 28.04.2014 21:01

I've always had trouble scaling reference models within tekla. It's a game of guess and check really. If you know1:64 gets you in the ballpark try messing with that as a starting point. It's incredibly frustrating but the only way i know of making things work in the end.

However, tekla does offer an extension on their website here https://extranet.tekla.com/BC/tekla-structures-en/extensions/reference-m.... Unfortunately its "experimental" so i'm assuming its something tekla couldnt or didnt have the time to address themselves, so its been left to a 3rd party.
If anyone ends up using the extension let me know how it works.

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Reference Model Help
Re: Reference Model Help 02.05.2014 23:01

Maybe your PDF scale is messed up? i.e. it says it's 1:64, but it's actually 1:62 or 1:65 or something.

There's several factors that can throw off your scales, especially when using PDF reference models. A PDF document has previously gone through a scaling, adjusting and virtual printing process where lots of things can go wrong. The scale set when printing on AutoCAD might be perfect, but when it hands over to the PDF software, the software might scale slightly and screw it up. So you end up with a model that says 1800 mm, but you measure and it's 1803 mm. If you're plotting the PDF you're not going to notice you're 3mm off scale, but if you're modelling from it, you will.

And of course, remember the PDF then gets read by Tekla, converted to a DWF and imported into your model. Which is another step where something might go a bit off scale.

I don't like PDF reference models, usually I try to bug the designer for a DWG or DXF file and use those. PDF should be a last resort when you can't get anything else.

Last time I had to deal with a PDF model that didn't scale up, I got it as close as possible and then manually adjusted my model to take out those mm that were wrong.

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