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Profile Catalogue
23.01.2015 16:47

I am trying to create several profile groups for UB, UC, WB, WC, SHS, RHS, CHS etc. For that purpose, I clicked "Add rule" from right clicked menu of profile catalogue. I selected "I Profiles" from list and named it "UB Profiles". From the I profiles inside "UB Profiles" I edited the sections as per my requirement and made a group of all UB profiles. After that I clicked "Add Rule" again and selected "I Profiles" to make another group of all UC profiles. But I found after creating one rule of "I Profiles" , I cannot create any more group of I profile. That's why I am unable to create several I profile group for UB, UC, WB & WC profiles. How can I create several "I Profile" groups for UB, UC, WB WC?