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problems with environment in tekla structures learning
16.12.2014 19:29

I downloaded several environments of diffrent countries on the site, but nothing changes when i select diffrent countries when tekla is starting up.
There has to be a difference between Finland and the uk for instance. What's wrong?

I have the tekla structures learning version, so i don't know if there is any diffirence between this version and de real version (non educational). What's the diffrence?

Now i have a database with only steel elements in it. I want a database with also timber and masonry elements. Where do i get these?

Someone can help me with one of these questions?


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Hello Goele,

When you log in Tekla Structures, you have to choose your set up: environment, role, and configuration. When using Tekla Structures Educational version, the only available configuration is Educational. This means that the models you create cannot be used for commercial purposes, and the drawings you create will have a special watermark on them.

The environment means region-specific settings and information. It defines which profiles, material grades, default values, connections, wizards, variables, reports, and templates you use. For example, the profile catalog (Modeling, Profiles, Profile Catalog) contains different profiles based on the environment, so you should be able to see the differences there. Perhaps the differences in the Finnish and UK environments are best illustrated by the related release notes:



The role is the user group profile in a certain Tekla Structures environment that limits the available files and settings. In Tekla Structures, different roles may be available in each Tekla Structures environment. Typically the following roles are available: all, concrete contractor, construction management, engineer, precast concrete detailer, rebar detailer, and steel detailer. Select All to use all available features.