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Problem with printing
19.11.2014 21:50

I´m user of Tekla Structures 18.1 (SR8)

I have big problem:
When I´m printing large quantities of drawings (over 100) to dwg (or pdf), tekla print for example 80 drawings and 20 is missing in plotfiles directory. When I´m trying to print these missing 20 drawings it´s not possible! After this, i have tried to save the model, but it´s not possible - tekla show me warning dialog box: TEKLA MODEL IS LOCKED. The model has been used as a single user. Problem increased when the drawings doesn´t have been saved before printing!!!
This is very big problem in our company. We have tried to solve this problem with our regional distributor of Tekla, but unsuccessfully...

I will be glad if you give me advice!

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