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Offline Usage Without Borrowing
03.03.2014 21:43

I use Tekla structures from a PC connected to a licensed server. I want to use Tekla structures at home on my laptop as well without borrowing the server license since it would interrupt others using Tekla. Is it possible? How?

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Hi Brandon,
Re: Offline Usage Without Borrowing 05.03.2014 10:28

Hi Brandon,

It seems that you are using a commercial version of Tekla Structures, which uses a different licensing system than the educational version, Tekla Structures Learning. This forum is meant for the users of Tekla Structures Learning, but you can use the Tekla Extranet Discussion forum for any questions on the commercial version. 

To learn more about licensing of Tekla Structures Learning, please refer to this discussion topic: http://campus.tekla.com/forum/discussion-forum/how-does-tekla-structures-learning-license-work

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