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Missing Advanced Options
09.07.2015 09:20

I recently started to use tekla structure 20 but some advanced options like XS_ENABLE_WIRE_FRAME are missing.
Could you please tell me why ?

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Hello Anan,
Re: Missing Advanced Options 10.07.2015 12:36

Hello Anan,

Tekla Campus discussion forum is meant for students. The Tekla Structures Learning edition available at the moment is version 21.0.

From your e-mail address, I can see that you belong to an organization that has a commercial license and is on Tekla maintenance. Please contact your company's Tekla administrator for an invitation to join your company in the Tekla account service. After your account is linked with your organization, you can access all topics on the Tekla Discussion Forum that is meant for commercial users of Tekla Structures.

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