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Intersection between solid and a construction line
22.05.2015 13:18


I have a solid body that I need to reinforce and to do so I am drawing construction lines to help me drawing the rebars.

However I've been findind a lot of troubles to get the intersection between the lines and the solid. Is there a better way to find the intersection?

Thanks in advance!!

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There's no automated command
Re: Intersection between solid and a construction line 14.07.2015 07:27

There's no automated command to find that but can locate it relatively easy using bindings.

Select the uppemost handle of the construction line (likely magenta) .. right click > bind to plane... select any grid plane in X

Repeat the binding and select any grid plane in Y.

This will lock your construction line in both directions.

Now select the uppermost handle again and bind it to the Boundary plane of the top of the solid.

Drop down menu > Modeling > display variables ... change the last variable created to zero.. The top handle of your construction line will now be at the point you were trying to locate. Delete the other 2 variables since they're no longer need.

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