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Inclined slab, wrong length
01.04.2014 22:53

Here's something I noticed the other day. I draw 3 slabs. All of them measure, when horizontal, 7200mm in length.

I take the second slab, and edit the corners, putting in a dz1 and dz2 to give me a 45 degree angle.

I take the third slab, rotate it 45 degrees, and extend it until it's a similar length to the second one. Not perfect, but in the neighborhood.

So, I have 3 slabs, 2 of them should be about 10 meters long.

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Inclined slab, wrong length
Re: Inclined slab, wrong length 01.04.2014 22:58

Now take a look at the takeoff report.

Slab 1, nothing to note.

Slab 2, the reported length is 7200 mm, and the surface area and volume are the same as the horizontal slab. Which is incorrect, since the inclined slab is longer than the horizontal one.

Slab 3 shows the correct measurements. But, it took me a couple of more steps while I figured out the angle, drew construction lines, extended the surface, etc.

So, what's with slab 2? Is the length issue a known bug, or is there a reason why the reported length on an inclined slab via dz's is the horizontal length?

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