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Importing steel profile
27.04.2014 06:53


How do I import steel profile into Tekla Structures.

I wanted to get some universal beam profiles from onesteel.

Do I have to download steel profile file or already in the program?

Please help

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Re: Importing steel profile 29.04.2014 13:13


Yes you can import or export any profiles but I don't know where the universal beam profiles are exist.
When you open TeklaStructures, you could find different profiles in profile catalog whenever you select different environment(Default, US metric, US imperial...).

If you can't find those profiles then you could create your own profiles.
FYI, press 'F1' or click Help on TeklaStructures to open Tekla User Assistance.
After then type 'Creating your own profiles', you'll find proper result.


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