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IFC File Import
08.04.2015 10:23

HI, I am new in this forum, and I new in Tekla
I have to import an IFC file in Tekla.
The file was created from Autocad in millimeter. I use reference model to import in Tekla but the imported obj are too large. it appears that the imported units are not millimeter. ( I think inch).
How can I import it correctly?


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Re: IFC File Import 08.04.2015 18:53

You can scale the reference object using "scale" under the attributes section of the reference.

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IFc Scale
Re: scale 09.04.2015 12:41

Thanks, I have tried but when I convert IFC object to tekla Obj it return to original scale

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Are you using the correct
Re: IFC File Import 13.04.2015 22:01

Are you using the correct environment in tekla like austalasia?

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