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Hardware Recommendation
16.05.2014 04:50

Thank you I have managed to downlad Tekla Structure Learning, 19 but it can not run. After I read more carefully it needs 3 GB Memory - 4 GB, and I only have 1 GB. What can I get a lower version just so I can learn it quickly?

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Hello Anton,
Re: Hardware Recommendation 16.05.2014 08:30

Hello Anton,

To ensure reliability and performance for Tekla Structures Learning, the recommendation for memory is 3 GB at the minimum. Unfortunately we don't have a lighter version of Tekla Structures Learning available.

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Note, the most recent
Re: Hello Anton, 23.11.2017 14:37

Note, the most recent hardware recommendations are available in Tekla Structures Learning - Technical Product Sheet.

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