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Dimensions of steel beams by general arrangement drawings
11.07.2014 14:37

I have one question about the dimensiong in GAD.
As I have seen, there is possibility to set the automatic dimensions of beams (GA Drawing Properties/Dimensioning/acc to Object Group)

After this command tekla automatically add the Dimension Perpendicurral to Beam Axis, from Beam to nearest Project-axis.
In our office, we are using ony this GAD drawings as onlz source of informations. We are delivering some composite beams.
In normal way, are our beams continuous with some gerber gap.
This means, there should be also dimensions of beams parallel to Beam-Axis with distances of gap. This is more or less always the same geometry, but there are also exceptions.
I was thinking, that tekla as a leader on the market, has done some possibility, to set this dimesions automatically. Otherwise, I need to add whole dimensioning manulally. And this will take me a lot of time.

So please, I would like to kindly ask you, Is there any kind of possibility/setting/additional macro how to do the dimensions in GAD automatically?

My Idea is simple: just to set some criteria: do the automatical dimensios of thoose 2 or more members/classes/lines or something. But do it automatically.

Is this possible somehow?


I have only Trial Version of TEKLA: Precast concrete Detailing- valid until 07.08 2014
I need to check if this program is possible to use in our company.
At this Tekla Forum I can`t add or see any kind of comments (https://extranet.tekla.com/FORUM/default.aspx?g=forum&c=3)
So please, if there is some way, how to handle this problem, write it here.

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