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creating a sectional view (not working the way it should)
16.08.2014 05:37

Greetings to all, looking for help creating a sectional view of a model as part of an assignment. When creating sectional view, using two points and then creating a general arrangement drawing, whats created dose not look like the model and there seems like theres objects missing, as well as a lot of text and annotation thats generated during this.
The model itself only has a few objects that show as the actual object where as most are represented a a line e.g. a steel beam is represented by a green line instead of the actual beam same with most of the objects apart from a few fittings an bracing and i suspect that this is the reason why when creating the drawing of the section dose not look right. Is there anything i can do to create an actual representation of the section with all the object in the model or even change the model so that the actual object are show rather then being represented by a line.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Additionally the model was made on an older version of tekla not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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