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Creating different shape Slap or Concrete Models
03.04.2014 15:55

Hello !

My Problem is, I want to model a concrete slap and concrete wall for rebar detailing but when i import referance model ifc and when i tried to convert as a tekla compenent this model is dameged and changing shape. Because my slap model has two different section. You can think like autocad loft modeling . You can see attched picture what i want to say. please help me about this issue.

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Creating different shape Slap or Concrete Models
Re: Creating different shape Slap or Concrete Models 10.04.2014 23:28

So, you have a variable section which is curved, like in the Loft example?

Maybe you could use a parametric variable section:



I've never tried it, but sounds like what you're looking for. The curves you'll probably have to sketch out using small line segments, but if you use a small enough length it shouldn't be that much of a problem.

The other thing you could try, if that doesn't work, is to create your element by slices. Model section 3 as a user defined profile. Then make a column with section 3 and a certain length. Then make an intermediate section that would be between 3 and 2, and small column with that section. Then do the same with section 2. Then section 1.

If you've got a few columns with that variable section, it should be manageable to do them in slices in a worst-case scenario. Now, if you've got a whole building full of those variable curved elliptical sections going in every way possible... I would suggest you shoot the architect :D

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Tekla Structure V20
Re: Creating different shape Slap or Concrete Models 21.05.2014 08:50


There is a new tool with version v20 , You can import cad, IFC , etc. shape models as like Tekla concrete or tekla steel. Different shape for concrete and for steel it is working. I asked before a question if we are designing different shape of concrete or steel how can use this software for this. Now it is easy.

You can see image.

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