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BCF import in Tekla Structures
02.12.2013 15:30


Seems like i cant find a way to import BCF files into Tekla Structures. We used Solibri for model checking, and those who used Revit could import the BCF files back into the modelling program. That way we could easily get directed to the model clashes.

I opened the IFC file and imported the BCF file into Tekla Bimsight.
But still, is it possible to import it into Tekla Structures?

Thanks in advance

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You would need an extension
Re: BCF import in Tekla Structures 23.12.2013 13:16

You would need an extension called Comment Tool to be able to use the BCF format. For more information on the extension, please go to Tekla User Assistance: http://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/191/en/ext_comment_tool

Unfortunately at the moment the Comment Tool extension is not available through Tekla Campus. It is however available in the Tekla Extranet. Please contact your school to see if it has educational licenses for Tekla Structures. If this is the case, it also has access to the Tekla Extranet.



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