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Area Selection
22.03.2015 00:25

I have been trying to select specific parts of my 18 story building model. In particular I wanted to select each floor and generate a Concrete Takeoff Report for each floor. My issue is that when I use the area selection tool to highlight a floor, it inadvertently chooses other elements from neighboring floors. I've tried changing views but I keep running into the same problem everytime. Any suggestions?

I've uploaded an image to show what I am trying to accomplish.

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Re: Area Selection 31.03.2015 22:16

Windowing left to right will highlight everything within the bounding box and anything that my be outside of the box, but still touching. Conversly, windowing right to left will only select items that are fully within the bounding box. Try this and see if it helps you. I'd also make good use of the selection filters.