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1)Grid line modification 2) complex column shapes
30.09.2013 23:48

1) Grid line
The educational version of Tekla (for me) does not allow to modify the existing or default grids. By double clicking on the grid, the grid line window does not appear to make changes. Instead you have to go to create grid option and add another (new) grid. But still there are two grids in the view which should not be. Also how to create Curved Gridlines (if possible).

2) How to create (import from dwg if possible) a complicated grid with different column configuration esp. Bridge pier. or a hammerhead pier. I could not find an option to edit the properties of a column to make a bridge pier.

Is it the case with my software, or Tekla has considered these features to not work in the Educational software model ?



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About grid lines
Re: 1)Grid line modification 2) complex column shapes 01.10.2013 16:35

For modifying the grid, please check the following:

A) Have you enabled the grid selection from the selection toolbar? After that the grid property dialog pops up when you double-click the grid.

B) When you have the grid property dialog open, and you've changed something, and you click Modify - please make sure that you have the grid selected. The grid is selected when it's displayed with thick line.

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Thank you so much ! It worked
Re: 07.10.2013 05:43

Thank you so much ! It worked.
Could you please provide some information about creating a user defined section for other irregular shapes too, such as one attached.
Thank you

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You can use the sketch editor
Re: 1)Grid line modification 2) complex column shapes 07.10.2013 08:40

You can use the sketch editor in Tekla Structures to create user-defined sections. Please see instructions how to use the sketch editor in Tekla User Assistance: http://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/191/en/mod_creating_your_own_profiles

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Thank you very much again,
Re: 07.10.2013 20:10

Thank you very much again,
How to curve a beam both horizontally and vertically at the same time ? is that possible ?
Because I tried a lot and it just takes ONE radius (XY or XZ planes) to curve either horizontally OR vertically. not both at the same time. on the other hand, is (Camber) a good substitute to curve vertically while XY plane radius is entered for horizontal ?
as you can see in the fig when I want to assign a vertical curve (on XZ plane), it removes the horizontal curve(XY radius) previously defined.

Thank you very much.

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I'm not sure what it is you are trying to do, but I think you might have better luck using the "Polybeam" tool and adjusting the chamfer properties to suit your needs.

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Temporary works in Tekla
Re: 1)Grid line modification 2) complex column shapes 22.10.2013 06:43

Is there any option to model temporary works such as Cranes, Crane pads, temporary towers, etc.. ? (specific to bridges)
Thank you

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RE: temporary works
Re: 23.10.2013 21:11

You can model anything! Thats what makes tekla great. Your best bet would be to create a custom component (of a crane for example) and save it in your catalog so that you can insert it whenever needed. Check here https://extranet.tekla.com/FORUM/default.aspx?g=topics&f=93 maybe if you are lucky someone will have already created the component you're looking for and will be willing to share it.

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Hi Ahmad.
Re: 27.10.2013 18:33

Hi Ahmad.
You can use free Sketchup and download cranes, truck... from a huge libarary Sketchup' Warehouse then insert Sketchup model into Tekla Structures as Reference model.

Piles configurations change
Re: Hi Ahmad. 14.02.2014 03:52

Does TS create more than 4 piles at a time?
1- I am having trouble with the number of piles in creating a pile foundation. In any case it only creates a default pile cap with only 4 piles. I cannot add extra piles or change the size of pile cap. Pls see attached 2.jpg.

2- Can you please provide some info about how to download the Warehouse tools (any links or add) .
3-How to fix extension issues when it says "this extension requires Engineering configuration or above to run" please see attached