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I need help with adding a ram to my laptop
06.07.2018 16:10

hello, my laptop is a bit slow compared to my work needs. So I decided to add more ram to it. hmm i have an extra ram from my old laptop. I decided to install it but after reboot I did not see that ram in my laptop. I do not know how to do it. I need some help.

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Hi Black March,
Re: I need help with adding a ram to my laptop 21.01.2019 18:49

Hi Black March,
There are possible reasons why it is not appearing on your laptop, such as it might already faulty, or your laptop cannot recognize the ram due to speed/specification mismatch (your laptop might support DDR4 and your ram stick is DDR3) or your ram stick memory is too big that the laptop's board no longer supports it, you'll be needing to check your laptop's maximum ram memory it supports then add the both ram stick memory and check if the combined memory size of your ram sticks exceeds the maximum memory your laptop can accept.
In case it is already faulty, I suggest to purchase a new ram that matches as well the current ram stick installed on your laptop.

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