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Introduce yourself and practise posting
19.08.2013 10:30

This forum thread is meant for introducing yourself to other members of Tekla Campus community.

By replying/commenting to this forum post you can tell a little something about yourself, where you study, why do you want to learn Tekla Structures, etc. Introducing yourself here is by no means mandatory, but it gives you nice opportunity to practise the discussion forum functions too, if you want to try out posting first with a lighter topic :)

Kind Regards,

Tekla Campus team

Introduction and practising the posting
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 19.08.2013 14:18


I can start the introductions and at the same time I can test the posting functionlity now as the forum is open.

My name is Katri Junna and I'm working in Tekla. I've been involved in Tekla Campus project team - and as an outcome of the project we built this Tekla Campus website and Tekla Structures Learning edition. I used to study civil engineering in Helsinki University of Technology until 2006. Educational matters have been close to my heart even after graduation, and therefore I've been excited in being part of Tekla Campus team.

I'll be posting some Tekla stuff here in the forum, so I thought it would be nice to share some info about myself, so that you know there's a real person behind the comments :)

Enjoy Tekla Campus!


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Brazilians here
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 19.08.2013 16:28


I'm from Brazil and here we find many difficulties to find study material in Portuguese Tekla, and unfortunately as a large proportion of Brazilians have difficulty with English, I began to help them posting some instructional videos on Youtube where the Portuguese got wide acceptance .

Now with Tekla Campus, I intend to further help the Brazilians, I know the forum has a rule language, which I think is particularly unnecessary or at least open a few exceptions as topics in other languages​​, but I bet that will mature Tekla Board and one day we have a topic in Portuguese, meanwhile try to help Brazilians in English even oO ".

Again Tekla congratulations.


Davi Vale

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Parabéns Davi
Re: 02.09.2013 17:27

Davi Congratulations on your initiative. I hope to find material on TEKLA in Portuguese. My email to contact is odilonjunior@ufmg.br
I hope I can help him in Brazil to increase the number of people using Tekla.
Odilon Junior

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Nice to see a brazuka here!
Re: 02.09.2013 22:20

Hi man, nice to see a brazuka here, contact-me by skype: daviribeirodovalle

See u there!

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RE: Brazilians here
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 20.08.2013 09:00

Hello Davi,

Welcome to Tekla Campus!
I checked your video in youtube, nice!

Thanks for sharing your request about Portuguese learning material. Currently Tekla Campus is available in English only, but we are happy to receive feedback and wishes about other languages too. I mean, feedback is the best way to develop things further.


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Hello Katri, you okay?
Re: 21.08.2013 17:16

Hello Katri, you okay?

First of all, thanks for watching my videos. I accompanied tekla some years now and I love this tool. Even more so now with this version.

Do you have any contacts where I can send you some mp, email or skype? If you have skype add me: daviribeirodovalle

Thank you,

Davi Vale

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I'm a sales representative for Tekla in Sweden. I have worked for Tekla since 2000, started with customer support, senior consult to sales.

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The British are Coming! - Well, It's the Americans really :-)
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 30.08.2013 17:08

Hello all,

Excited about Tekla Campus as we have lots of people in the USA needing to learn Tekla and BIM.

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Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 31.08.2013 06:37

I'm a structural drafter from WA, and am interested in Tekla's capabiltiies.

I'm excited for Tekla releasing their free version of the software, and also looking forward to the growth of the Learning and Extensions areas of this campus site. This is good way to help grow peoples interest in Tekla. Several smart moves from Tekla/Trimble.

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Hello all,
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 20.09.2013 19:52

Hello all,
My name is Alex Kies, and I am a structural E.I.T working at Lehigh Valley Technical Associates in Pennsylvania. I only recently started using Tekla, and I hope to learn as much as i can using the Tekla Campus.

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My name is RUslan im from Ukraine. It will be interesting using TS in Ukraine and Russia with ours building norms. If some one want work together in some competiton write me please. I would be glad to work.

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API and Tekla evangelist Dude Here
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 08.01.2014 04:46

Hi I am a Tekla Open API developer and evangelist. I also used to work for Tekla USA and HQ in Finland for quite some time. The Tekla Campus is a great way to expose more people to the modeling and project management side that Tekla Structures offers. I like how the installation is simple and fast like Tekla BIMsight. Because Tekla Structures has an API there is a lot of neat things that can be done to configure Tekla to your needs.

API for learning version
Re: API and Tekla evangelist Dude Here 12.07.2015 12:50

Could we use API for learning version??

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Hello everyone,
Re: Introduce yourself and practise posting 26.08.2015 09:31

Hello everyone,

I am Charles and I am currently practise portuguese on skype via http://preply.com/en/portuguese-by-skype


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Hi , I am osama Ahmed from Egypt , i hope you enjoy videos i made on YouTube channel Tekla Tips & Tricks its channel explain sample how to connect Tekla with Staad Pro and many of advanced option of Tekla Structure hope you enjoy and welcome feedback any time .



My name is Jaana and I am working as a Solution Manager in Trimble Solutions Corporation.
This is a test post really. :)

teakla problem
Re: Hello! 23.09.2020 00:14

I have a problem with application and components catalogue It doesn't work for me It shows red X mark below and cannot click on the search or any thing in the catalogue Iam useing tekla learing 2019 Waht i must do

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