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Where do I get information for test questions?
08.09.2016 11:40

Hi - I have started the "getting stated" learning stage today - I am doing it in 5 minutes here and there as I have free, and I love the idea, interface and comprehensiveness of it all.
BUT...I have spent extensive time in finding information to read or videos that provides/teaches me the stuff i need to answer some of you practice and tests. Maybe I understand incorrectly. Please help...
As I see it, on each lesson there is a video (short & sweet), one or 2 articles that refer to the TUA (Tekla user assistance) site, and practice questions and tests.
My first search for info was on Lesson 1, Practice, Environments and roles.
I eventually had to guess an answer, because with a 5 minute search in google and TUA, I could not find it. I thought I'd try and maybe get a guide of how to fix my confusion. None found. I continued to Tests, and I am now stuck on Test 2. I could probably spend a 15 minutes or some more online to read up on it and then guess again, but surely this is not the idea of the online campus?

Please advise on what I am doing wrong!

Kind regards, and thank you's in advance,

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For test questions, you can
Re: Where do I get information for test questions? 12.09.2016 15:43

For test questions, you can use Hint for assistance if you get stuck. And for practice questions, you can for example google, checking in Tekla User Assistance or ask in the Lounge by raising a discussion. I think the questions are literally aiming at letting people know deeper and better of Tekla, so somehow it is good for yourself to figure out the answer of the questions as I believe that you will benefit a lot during researching if you really want to be a master of Tekla but not just answer the question.

Thank you. I learn super
Re: For test questions, you can 16.09.2016 08:51

Thank you. I learn super quickly (if I have time) and it felt tedious searching for things first in various places. Just didn't want to struggle my way forward when there is a better way.

Thank you for clarifying. Good luck.

I think the Hint which below
Re: Thank you. I learn super 16.09.2016 15:41

I think the Hint which below the test questions could be a good resource for assisting answering the questions.

Impossible questions
Re: Where do I get information for test questions? 12.07.2018 06:44

Hi, I had this same problem when I started too.
I expected the answer to all the questions to be in the video for that lesson, but this was not the case. I've decided to ignore the questions for now as I work through the other videos and when I reach the last video I will go back to the start and answer them best I can. I think there will still be a few I won't be able to answer and will have to do some research, however by this point I will have a much more in depth understanding of Tekla so should have a general idea about what I'm looking for or be able to make much more educated guesses.
I hope to get to this tonight, I'm only a few videos away :)

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You can find information from
Re: Impossible questions 09.08.2018 13:18

You can find information from the Tekla User Assistance, from the Video itself, from the HINT and some info are in the ACTUAL MODEL that you need to download.
e.g. (How many sinks are there in the model?)

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