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Unable to attend one of the Test
01.06.2018 18:48

I started learning in tekla campus. While learning the topic "Creating and modifying structures, phase 1". I attended the test and received, "Wrong answer.
Opening a hint will also allow you to answer again." The problem is I am unable to find the hint. Can anyone help me in this regard? Because of this the lesson seems to be incomplete. I have attached the image also please reply if anything can be done.

PDF file

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Hello Rajesh,
Re: Unable to attend one of the Test 04.06.2018 16:16

Hello Rajesh,
Thank you for reporting this! The hint was missing from the test question. We have added the hint and you should be able to see it now.

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Thank you sir for reviewing
Re: Hello Rajesh, 27.06.2018 19:48

Thank you sir for reviewing and solving my post regarding the issue.

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