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TeklaOpenAPI Not Working
22.12.2020 22:39

Does TeklaOpenAPI works with Educational version of Tekla Structures 2020 Service Pack 3?
GetConnectionStatus was not able to find the running Tekla Structures Model that I have prepared for the example code below.

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Re: TeklaOpenAPI Not Working 12.01.2021 08:47


Sorry for the late response. Are you able to run your own Open API applications with a different TS version with your edu/student license?

Here are some suggestions to troubleshoot the issue you have.

  • Start applications in admin mode (both TS and VS).
  • Make sure to compile tools with Open API version that matches the TS version that is running.
  • And it is a good idea to create a macro, similar to AutomaticSplicingTool macro, to start your application. 
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