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Tekla Campus Pratice
03.04.2016 22:41

Hi , I'm a student and i'm new in using Tekla . I'm learning at Tekla campus site . I very love the way Tekla campus working and tutor the new one like me :D .
I'm learning how to use Component in Tekla and i get this question in Practice : "What commands would you use to make a slab like this?" (please see the image ) . The second and the fourth box is correct but i think the third box also correct . I try to use Add point into the slab then i use Cut polygon part to cut the slab . :D
I think it's not a big problem but I love this software so i want to make it's more popular and used by all new engineer in this world :D
Thanks for read my post .

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Well spotted! This is indeed
Re: Tekla Campus Pratice 12.04.2016 08:33

Well spotted! This is indeed possible (although not recommended). We will change the options to be less ambiguous.

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