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Organizer - Object Browser and Categories problems
09.10.2019 20:28

In the lesson "Managing model information" at page 4of9, the video showed after clicked "Synchronize", the Organizer will loading something and then will categories all those selected components automaticlly.

But I cannot select the category Parts by Name > HAUNCH as Hint 1 because my Organizer are not categories automatically after click Synchronize.

My Categories just showing:
Project (88)
Uncategorized (88)
Site (-)
Building (-)
Property Category (-)
Custom Category (-)

Beside, the "Apex haunch" & "Eaves haunch" in Object Browser are not showing other any other data/number except:
[ content type:CONNECTION ] for both haunch
[ Position number:b/0(?) ] for Apex haunch
[ Position number:c/0(?) ] for Eaves haunch

I been using Tekla Structures 2019 Educational version to do practice model.
Is there any problem why my Organizer cannot categories automatically after click Synchronize or could I know the manual steps to solve this not automatically categories problem?

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My problem has been solved by enable the selection switch: "Select object in components" while selecting the whole modal.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Hi I'm having the same
Re: Hi, 02.06.2020 15:00

Hi I'm having the same problem how do you solve it. I have problem with haunch position the exactly same as yours? the video didn't go to that detail lesson. can you show the step.

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Re: Hi I'm having the same 30.07.2020 19:00

I also have the same issue. Did you find any solution?

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