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No Sample Models installed
03.03.2016 23:50

I have tekla strucutres 21.1 installed in the university computer and i want to start the Tekla campus course, but i cannot find any sample model installed in my computer. Is there any place where i can install only the sample models? I cannot install the tekla structures learning in the university computer.

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Hi Ahsan,
Re: No Sample Models installed 04.03.2016 14:49

Hi Ahsan,
All needed models are available on the Campus site. For example, if you need a certain model to do a test, the model is available for download on the same page as the test. Unfortunately, you cannot open Tekla Campus test models on a commercial version of Tekla Structures.
Hopefully you can download Tekla Structures Learning on your personal computer to take the courses available on Tekla Campus.

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