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Missing preset drawing properties
14.09.2016 18:58

Hello support team.
I am a new user learning Tekla Structures via campus.tekla.com websites' video tutorials. When I was watching lesson 2/4 "Create a general arrangement drawing", I couldn't select "Engineering_A1_Elevation_with_rebar" in "General arragement drawing properties" beacuse list is empty. As a result, I could not follow your video's instructions. I would like to ask you how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance

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Hi, I am also following the
Re: Missing preset drawing properties 16.09.2016 15:37

Hi, I am also following the video lessons. But in this creating drawing lesson, isn't it asking us to use Foundation plan as the template drawing? Also could you check if you are opening Tekla using Engineer role and default environment? I am using this setting and there are drawings in this drop down list.