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Infrastructure engineering
12.11.2016 01:30

Hello! I am new here and I want to start learning how to design in BIM with Tekla.
I am an infrastructure engineering student and I have a very important question: is the Tekla Campus able to design roads, highways and railways? I know, that Twkla Civis is, but only Tekla Campus is avaliable for students.
Best greetings, Gregory :)

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Tekla Structures is not
Re: Infrastructure engineering 16.11.2016 10:45

Tekla Structures is not specialized for roads, highways and railways. As you already know, Tekla Civil is for infrastructure designers. Unfortunately Tekla Civil is not available for students. 

Those two softwares work together and you can use the same model when designing for example bridges. Take a look this reference case.

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