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Grasshopper Tekla Download Error
05.10.2019 19:50

I have followed steps online to click and drag the grasshopper library into Grasshopper, but it still will not show up as a tab in grasshopper. I have also installed the structures software separetly and opened it and logged in. The .gha file was not showing up in the special libraries when I opened it, so I copied it over and unblocked it but this fixed nothing. I assume there is some sort of error in the location of download but cannot figure out where. Help please!

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Hi Kate,
Re: Grasshopper Tekla Download Error 02.12.2019 21:48

Hi Kate,
What happens when you try to open the "GrasshopperTeklaLinkExample201X.gh" example file in Grasshopper?
Are you sure you downloaded the 'GrasshopperTeklaLink.gha' file which corresponds to your Tekla version?

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