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Clash Check: "Contractor’s comment on clash number 9"
03.01.2018 18:46

I've been going through the Tekla campus lessons and I have got stuck on this question within the "Clash checking in BIM models" lesson. On the test question on "Clash comment" it asks: "Open the Clash check model using the Default environment. What is Contractor’s comment on clash number 9?". In order to complete this question I am required to open up the "Clash Check model" in default, highlight the model, select Clash Check, run the Clash Check, right click on clash number 9, open the Clash Information and click on the Comments tab to reveal the Contractor's comment at that point. Unfortunately upon clicking the Comments tab no comment popped up meaning that I have to scroll through 1500+ individual clashes to find one single comment. Without this comment I cannot move onto the next Tekla campus lesson. Pleases could you help me.

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The test question was a bit
Re: Clash Check: "Contractor’s comment on clash number 9" 04.01.2018 11:54

The test question was a bit misleading. We have now improved the question so that it says "Open Clash Check - Tekla Campus.xml file."

Thank you for letting us know!

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