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19.04.2020 16:37

in a video on you website you said if we finished all the paths of the student program for fundamental tekla program you will give us a certificate.
I have finished all the paths and still on the website they wrote i finished 87% i dont know why if you can help me,
because this certificate is so important for me.

Hi Rodolfo, I noticed that
Re: Certificate 20.04.2020 14:50

Hi Rodolfo, I noticed that you have successfully completed the Tekla Structures Fundamentals learning path. Congratulations! Go to My details and then click Get certificate to view your certificate.

Can't generate my E-certificate
Re: Hi Rodolfo, I noticed that 27.06.2020 07:25

Hi, I have the same problem, I already checked in the tab "Mydetail" but it doesn't generate the option to "getcertificate". Can you plis help me !

Having the Same Problem
Re: Hi Rodolfo, I noticed that 08.08.2020 17:55

Have the Same Problem

problem to generate tekla structure certificate
Re: Having the Same Problem 07.10.2020 07:36

i have finished all the session in tekla structure course with test series and got a 89%. Please help me to generate my certificate this is so much important for me related to get a job. I also see in my detail portal but there is no any option to generate certificate.

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please go Managing model information lesson and take the test called Visibility problem. When you answer that correctly, you should have completed all the lessons.

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problem to generate tekla structure certificate
Re: Hi, 18.10.2020 17:04

Hello sir, i have completed all test with visibility problem as per my understanding and i fail to answering to that question, i use hint option but again i fail to answer of that question. in this program all the session attempted by me 3 times but still it is say to complete the session and also its turn on the managing model session. please look at this problem and give my certificate as soon as possible.

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