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API for Tekla Structural Designer
01.12.2016 07:57

Hi All
Please let me know Tekla Structural Designer can support open API ?
Thanks All

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Unfortunately, there is no
Re: API for Tekla Structural Designer 01.12.2016 09:31

Unfortunately, there is no open API for Tekla Structural Designer.

However, Tekla Structures has Open API, for more information browse to: https://www.tekla.com/openAPI.

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Re: Unfortunately, there is no 18.05.2017 18:17

Do you know if there are nay plans to have an open API for Tekla Structural Designer available anytime in the foreseeable future?

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As earlier mentioned, there
Re: TSD Open API 31.05.2017 08:53

As earlier mentioned, there is no Open API available for the Tekla Structural Designer. Please follow the Release Notes published in the Tekla User Assistance service for Tekla Structural Desinger for information on new released features related to the product.

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