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problem with downloaded files
11.09.2013 03:32

I've just started using this educational version of Tekla and I have some problem.
I wanted to make lesson 2 from "Getting Start" resources but I don't have proper template files. For example in grid mode I have "trening_model1" file instead "FirstSteps" to load.
Could someone help me with this?
Thanks in advance :)

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Great that you are going
Re: problem with downloaded files 17.09.2013 10:29

Great that you are going through the learning materials, hope you find them useful!

The lessons Creating a model, Creating a drawing, Modifying the model and Adding reference models and components are interactive video tutorials that show you how to use Tekla Structures, by allowing you to practise the use of Tekla Structures while watching and clicking in the video. The files that are shown in the video are unfortunately not available in the installation package by default. But it is a great idea that the files would be made available, so we are working on getting those files downloadable here in the Tekla Campus site. Stay tuned!

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Files now available
Re: problem with downloaded files 15.10.2013 08:35

You can now find the files in the Learn section, under the Creating a model -lesson.

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