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Drag tables
07.02.2014 22:00

Hi all, is it possible to move tables in drawing? In drawing layout options i can fix table at corners, but sometimes it's very useful to drag table in necessary place. Thanks.

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Drag Tables
Re: Drag tables 08.02.2014 15:48

It's not possible to drag because table is the part of Layout not of the drawing.
you can do two things,1st copy your layout and then set table to your desire position. so you have two layouts when you need to change one of the two.
or use your table as associate nots then it's possible to drag every where.

Thank you, can you tell more
Re: Drag Tables 10.02.2014 21:27

Thank you, can you tell more about second option, table as associate note?

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associative note
Re: Thank you, can you tell more 11.02.2014 00:39

sorry for spelling error. Once you design is created right click on any part and choose add associative note then double click on it and go to associative note property here under content add template.

Thanks, i'll try this.
Re: associative note 11.02.2014 07:02

Thanks, i'll try this.

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