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Using The Software
06.10.2015 12:32

Hi. I installed the Tekla Structures Learning a couple of days ago, but I have not been able to open it. It keeps saying the programme has stopped working.

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Hi Thato,
Re: Using The Software 06.10.2015 15:52

Hi Thato,

Similar problem has been discussed in this forum earlier, please check the posts here and here.

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i need the tekla structure v19
Re: Hi Thato, 06.10.2015 20:41

hello!, i need the tekla structure v19 but i can not find it to download it.. can you please send me a link where i can download it. this is important to me
my email is: aulebron2010@gmail.com

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Earlier versions of Tekla Structures Learning
Re: i need the tekla structure v19 07.10.2015 09:19

Hello Aurelio,

Downloading older Tekla Structures Learning versions is not possible. We only provide the latest Tekla Structures Learning version.

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