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Tekla Structures Learning installation failing in the installation progress
19.10.2016 19:26

Hi, i have tried to install Tekla Structures Learning and the following error occured (i attach a picture preview with the error):
I clicked YES to continue but after a while the same error occured. If i click the second time "YES", to continue, the Setup Window shows the message that InstallWizard Completed.
In Program Files/Tekla Warehouse the following files are installed:
a.bin; b.bin; lonic.zip.dll; local_site.zip; newtonsoft.json.dll; settings.json; Tekla.Warehouse.Service.Common.dll; Tekla.Warehouse.Service.dll; Tekla.Warehouse.WindowsService.exe; Tekla.Warehouse.WindowsService.exe.config

Windows 10 ver. 14931. 1000 (x32)

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Hi Vicentiu, we are sorry to hear about this problem. Please see the troubleshooting instructions here.



Erro ao instalar
Re: Hi Vicentiu, we are sorry to 20.02.2019 21:00

Ola, Na fase de conclusão da instalação do Tekla 2018 licença estudante apareceu os erros 1909 e 2902. Concluir e o programa não funcionou.

PDF file

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Re: Erro ao instalar 22.02.2019 15:53

could you try installing Tekla Structures Learning as windows admin? This kind of error may occur if you do not have permissions to write on your computer folders.
Also, if you are using Windows Defender, you could try turning it off for the duration of the installation.

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