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Tekla Structures Learning does not run.
27.07.2017 19:48

Hi everyone!
After a frictionless installation and My Details page showing : "Tekla Structures Learning license status: ok" I hoped for the better. Unfortunately if I double-click on the icon, after a brief splash-screen of the program, nothing happens. My laptop it's an old but still agile Asus with Intel i5, nVidia GF310m 1gb with cuda supp. and 4gb RAM, running a WIN7 64bit. What can it be the problem? My system lacking additional 4gb of ram? Please help me, learning Tekla is a good way of expand my skills and I love the concept and usability of the program and now to pass lessons of the online learning path I need some practice with the application itself. Thank you.

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Hi Jacapo,
Re: Tekla Structures Learning does not run. 04.08.2017 13:13

Hi Jacapo,
Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Back in 2014 Leo posted the same thing

and our advice remains the same

It might be a hooking problem with Tekla Structures as well. It means that some other software prevents Tekla Structures to start normally. Please read more information about hooking problem here:

Please let us know if this solves your issue

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Thank you.
Re: Hi Jacapo, 04.08.2017 17:32

Hi Admin.

I will try to find if some application is hooking , but sadly I think it is time to upgrade my machine or at least my RAM.
Thank you again for the help.

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