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Tekla Structures Learning 2.1
19.02.2016 11:50

We have installed TeklaStructuresLearning.exe & Env_UK_Learning.exe but the login screen is not appearing after the product splash screen. I am assuming we need to point the product to a web address for licensing?

The installation instructions indicate logging in is required at startup, we are not seeing this login option.

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Hello David,
Re: Tekla Structures Learning 2.1 22.02.2016 08:48

Hello David,

we are sorry to hear about this problem. Please see the following discussions for troubleshooting common installation and licensing issues: https://campus.tekla.com/lounge/75/important 

Also, reinstalling Tekla Structures Learning may help. If the problem persists, please contact us using this webform.

About Tekla Campus license: When you register to Tekla Campus, you create a Tekla account. The username and password of this account act as your license key to Tekla Structures Learning. You need to give your username and password in this white dialog which pops up after starting Tekla Structures Learning.



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Firewall Exception
Re: Hello David, 22.02.2016 13:28

Thank you, is there an address that I can supply to our network administrator to allow access to the online license server please?

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The URL of the license server
Re: Firewall Exception 22.02.2016 13:55

The URL of the license server is https://account.tekla.com/. In your proxy settings, you should allow traffic to/from this domain via both 80 (http) and 443 (https) ports.

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Proxy Authentication
Re: The URL of the license server 23.02.2016 11:22

Tekla Structures is now operational, thank you. Our network administrator identified that the program is not Proxy Authentication aware, in case others have the same problem.

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