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tekla structures does not open
06.07.2016 14:36

Dear admin, I installed tekla structures learning and env. After installation spetial link appeared on the desktop, but this link does not work so program does not open too. What should I do?

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Hello Valeria,
Re: tekla structures does not open 12.07.2016 13:49

Hello Valeria,

Please check the hardware recommendations, and if your setup is suitable, uninstall Tekla Structures Learning and reinstall it. For more instructions on troubleshooting installation issues, see this topic.

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Tekla doesn't open
Re: tekla structures does not open 02.08.2016 16:30

Hi everyone. I came out with the same problem. I successfully installed Tekla Structures Learning and env, and Tekla Structure 2016 from the oficial site. After installation, i click the desktop icon but nothing appears. I also checked hardware requirements (Windos 10, 64 bits, 16 gb, Intel i7). Thanks!

tekla structures does not open
Re: Tekla doesn't open 05.08.2016 10:55

Hi, my laptop almost has the same hardware properties with yours. But Tekla works in mine. So maybe you could right click the icon and run as administrator? Or otherwise, navigate to the Tekla installation folder, there maybe other icon shortcut that can run the software. If no, I guess uninstall everything and install again. Hope you can solve that soon/