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Tekla Structural Designer license key
10.08.2016 09:20

I have downloaded TSD from tekla campus But it is asking lincense for the software .Can i know how can I over come it or can i get lincense for the software .

Tekla Structural Designer
Re: Tekla Structural Designer license key 12.08.2016 12:36

Tekla Structural Designer software is not available on Tekla Campus. Tekla Structural Designer is only available on school licensed computers.

Estimation of the building
Re: Tekla Structural Designer 06.09.2016 17:49

I estimated the building and exported to excel sheet.After that How can I calculate the cost of the building?

tekla structural designer
Re: Tekla Structural Designer 03.12.2016 06:13

Please understand I am student give the tekla structural designer for the College projects. I am requesting for all. Please tell me the tekla structural designer licence where can get or give contact or give the link of website or at least give the demo of 30 days trial. Please dont neg late it, as early as possible give the response in good I have no idea about but in the youtube it seen like a future for stdents, engineers, contractors, consultants, etc., it gives a huge pack for the detailing of drawings.