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Tekla instalation failed
29.04.2020 10:52

I need help to install Tekla Structures 2019i.
At the end of installing, I got an error message that say`s: Registration Failed at Modul C: ProgrammFiles/ Tekla Structures/2019.1/nt/bin/analysis/x64/com_api.dllHRESULT -2147220473, please contact your suppot.
But support is not available for Tekla Campus user.
Please, can anybody help me in simple words, Im from germany
Best regards, Elias

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Re: Tekla instalation failed 08.06.2020 16:42

sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Please try reinstalling .NET and C++ packages according to the instructions here: https://campus.tekla.com/forum/installing-licensing/starting-teklalearni...

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