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Programme start up
14.07.2021 20:09

I am unable to start Tekla at all due to some issues, " No available license for this user". Regardless of which option I pick.
And the latest environment I downloaded says " I do not have 2020 installed ". I downloaded 2021, and have not been able to find
a 2021 environment down load. Can someone please help. I have spent the last 2 days trying to run the programme, but the licensing issues as well as environment are the problems.


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I have just discovered I was
Re: Programme start up 15.07.2021 00:33

I have just discovered I was trying to download the environments for an earlier version. I have downloaded the correct environments now.
At tekla front end, I can choose , environment, role, and configuration. I am signed in with my name. And hit OK, but nothing happens and this screen then keeps re loading. Very frustrating.

same problem ocurred how to
Re: I have just discovered I was 19.07.2021 13:46

same problem ocurred how to fix that

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