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Opening Tekla Learning
04.11.2015 01:15


I recently installed the learning version of the software. It installed without any errors, and the download seems to have been complete (it seems to have all the necessary files in the Program 86 folder). I am using an Asus laptop running Windows 8.1 with the required ram and memory available.

I have attempted:
Running as administrator
Running with the graphics processor
Uninstalling and reinstalling
Redownloading and reinstalling
Running in compatibility mode for Win 8, 7, and vista

It still will not even show the splashscreen. It does not show up in my tasks.
Do you have any suggestions for how to continue troubleshooting?

Thanks for your help,

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Some software are known to
Re: Opening Tekla Learning 04.11.2015 11:57

Some software are known to cause Tekla Structures not to start up correctly. Please check if you are using any of the software mentioned on the list on this support article:


Follow the instructions in the article to solve the problem.

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Here are some more
Re: Opening Tekla Learning 09.11.2015 08:23

Here are some more suggestions:

You could check the Hardware recommendations article https://teklastructures.support.tekla.com/search/site/hardware%20recommendations?s[0]=0&s[1]=1&s[2]=1&s[3]=1&s[4]=1&f[0]=ss_language%3Aen&f[1]=im_field_tags%3A441957 that relates to your Tekla Structures version.

You could also check that all important Windows updates are installed. If you see the "Windows is up to date" or "No important updates available" or "Your device is up to date" message, then Windows has all the required updates installed and no further actions are required.

And you could try to temporary disable/uninstall all antivirus software running on the computer. You can enable/install it back later.


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