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Login Issue
05.01.2017 08:58

I have install takla learning in my office computer, I am not able to login in. I have both login Id and password. I have install this softwere in other then C: drive. It is ok for this software.

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Hello Vinod
Re: Login Issue 11.01.2017 11:44

Hello Vinod,
We are sorry to hear you are still experiencing this issue, and the things we have tried with direct contact have not resolved your issue. Our next recommendation would be to clear your Tekla Structures cache and cookies. To do that:

Open Windows Explorer and paste the following into the address bar: 
%localappdata%\Trimble\Tekla Structures
Open the version folder of Tekla Structures where you are experiencing the problem, for example, 2016

Delete the following files:

  • account.tekla.com.authorization
  • account.tekla.com.cookies
  • account.tekla.com.query

Then try to start Tekla Structures Learning and log in with the account having a valid Tekla Structures Learning license.

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