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09.06.2017 11:39

I downloaded the 2017 version of Tekla but it is not active because I do not have a clue about servers, I am not working so I cannot use a work's server and I only have a laptop. I need to get it up and running as soon as poss. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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It appears that you have
Re: Licensing 12.06.2017 08:11

It appears that you have downloaded the commercial version of Tekla Structures from the Tekla Downloads service (https://dowloads.tekla.com) instead of the free Tekla Structures Learning edition from the Tekla Campus service (https://campus.tekla.com).

You cannot use the version you have downloaded and installed unless you are a paying Trimble customer.

Instead, you should download + install the software from the page https://campus.tekla.com/download.

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