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License expired
16.12.2015 00:30


I have been using Tekla for about two months, and today, as i wanted to log in, its show me a message about i dont have valid license, and i should get a new one on the website. Actually i cant find anything, about a new license, and im not sure that my license is trully invalid, or not. Can you help me solve my problem, i have some work to do for my school, and i dont have a plenty of time.

Im looking forward for your help!

Thank you,
Gergely Varga

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I am sorry to hear you are
Re: License expired 16.12.2015 09:27

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your learning license. Usually, this sort of issues clear within 24 hours. I think the best thing now would be to wait until tomorrow and see, if the problem clears itself.

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