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I want to use Tekla Educational to create an online course
24.04.2020 10:09

I am a phd student and after I finish my phd I want to create an online course teaching Tekla. I would record lessons from my screen and users
can download the lessons and watch at their computer, the users would pay a fee to download the course. My question is: Can I use Tekla Educational to create this course without infringing license ? What should I do ?
Thank you in advance

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Hi Romildo,

Thank you for contacting us with the license terms and conditions in mind. 

We are very appreciative that you reached us to make sure whether your plan is in compliance with Tekla software terms and conditions. 

However, we are sorry to inform you that we consider your idea of using Tekla Structures Educational configuration obtained from Tekla Campus to create training material payable for other users as personal commercial purposes, with reference to  TRIMBLE’S END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR TEKLA SOFTWARE PRODUCTS (ref. TRIMBLE-TEKLA-EULA-2020) clause 4.4 d, which is not permitted.

we could recommend if you are willing to offer such courses free of charge or ask for donations from your course users in order to comply with Tekla’s terms and conditions.


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