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I can not login to use Tekla
27.09.2017 14:49

HI Admin
I can not use tekla learning while I create account, active email, log in to campus website
Please active for me thanks
my email: tienhungagr@gmail.com

Re: I can not login to use Tekla 28.09.2017 09:42

could you please try running Tekla Structures Learning again? I checked your license and it looks to be alright. Let me know if the problem persists.

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Excuse me, this is my problem
Re: Hi, 25.02.2019 14:14

Excuse me, this is my problem. I can't log in into my another account in Tekla Structure Learning, the Tekla Structure instruct me to log in with another account because my first account doesn't have a lisence. But, when I want to change my account in Tekla Structure App, the application immediately close down. I have reinstall the application but the same problem occur again and again. Can you please help me solve the problem?

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Hi, can you log in at https:/
Re: Excuse me, this is my problem 25.02.2019 17:46

Hi, can you log in at https://account.tekla.com with the account that you use when Tekla Structures Learning stops working?

Could you run Windows Event Viewer and check for any error messages when you try running Tekla Structures Learning? Please post any log messages here for troubleshooting.

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