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Can't Install the Offline Guide
24.09.2016 19:10

Hello Admin,
Last week I Installed Tekla Structures Learning 2016 and it worked fine with my SEASIA environtment. I still new on this software, so i downloaded offline help guide on the web, but when i tried to run it says that i dont have Tekla Structure 2016. How to fix the problem? because i cant go online everytime just looking for a help.. Thanks

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Hello Dwiki,
Re: Can't Install the Offline Guide 26.09.2016 15:56

Hello Dwiki,

We don't provide offline help packages for Tekla Structures learning. Commercial packages are not compatible with the learning edition.

However, you can create your own custom pdf collections from Tekla User Assistance, or download ready-made guides. These can be easily used offline.


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